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Septic Inspections & Home Inspections

Advanced Septic Inspections works with more home inspectors than any other septic testing company!

Here's why:

  • We coordinate our on-site septic inspection at the same time as the home inspection. This makes it convenient for everyone involved in the transaction and no need to make an extra trip just to have the septic test performed.
  • We only test the septic system. We do not perform repairs. We also do not have any affiliations with septic repair companies. You can be assured that our septic inspectors do not have a vested interest in the outcome of the septic inspection.
  • Our highly trained inspectors are either certified by Pennsylvania Septage Management Association (PSMA) or are NJ Registered Environmental Health Specialists. In addition, our septic inspectors have many years experience in the field. There's no septic system that's too difficult for us to evaluate.
  • Advanced Septic Inspections carries a comprehensive professional liability poilcy which most septic inspection companies do not have.

  Tell your home inspector that you would like us to perform the septic inspection at you property.

When you schedule your home inspection, ask for us by name. We can coordinate the entire septic test with your home inspection company. This makes it easy for you!

Choose your septic company carefully just as you would your home inspector!

Make sure your septic inspection company is certified by the PMSA and not in the business of repairing defects discovered during the inspection. You should also ask for a copy of the septic inspector's insurance policy and verify that they have errors and omissions insurance.

Advanced Septic Inspection does not charge additional fees for uncovering all system components.

You pay one fee for a complete septic test of all septic components. There are no hidden charges or extra fees for using a cameras, digging or opening components of the septic system.

You will receive your septic inspection report the next day!

We know how stressful buying and selling a home can be! You don't need to wait several days to get your septic test report. All our septic inspection reports are available the next business day and you can even receive a verbal report on the system if you attend the inspection.


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You can rely on our septic inspection!

We use sophisticated digital cameras and equipment to locate and completely inspect your septic tank system. We go well beyond the standard septic inspection of simply poking around with a mirror, probe and a can of dye. That's what sets us apart!

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  Septic inspections & septic tank testing for  New Jersey (NJ), Pennsylvania (PA) and New York (NY).