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Selling a home with a septic system?

Let us help you!

A critical part of the home sale process is the septic inspection. Deals can fall apart when a malfunctioning septic system is discovered by the buyer that is near their closing date. ASI can help you avoid this unfortunate situation.

We recommend inspecting your septic system when you list your home for sale. Our Complete Underground Inspection can notify you of existing problems with your septic system. Frequently we find the systems are in good working condition. Problems, if there are any, usually only involve minor repairs. You can correct these before they become an issue with a prospective buyer and avoid unpleasant surprises just prior to closing.

Why should I choose ASI for my pre-sale septic inspection?

ASI performs Complete Underground Inspections with digital TV cameras. Our inspection is the most accurate available! Our sophisticated septic inspection technology virtually eliminates all misdiagnoses that may lead a home owner to spend needlessly on minor repairs.

A major concern for many home sellers comes from companies that repair the septic systems they inspect. This presents a conflict of interest. ASI is a unique septic inspection company because we do not repair or install septic systems. We have no financial interest in the inspection results. What this means is that you are assured accurate and impartial results.

What should I do if problems are found?

Contact a repair contractor, provide them with a copy of our report and ask for a repair estimate.

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Be wary of companies that inspect and provide repairs.

Companies that provide inspections and repairs should be a major concern to homeowners. It is a conflict of interest to provide repairs and inspections on the same property.

ASI does not repair or install septic systems and has no financial interest in the inspection results. What this means is that you are assured accurate and impartial results!

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