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See these quick septic testing & inspection links for fast information about septic testing.

Our complete septic inspection can help you. Our septic tank test & septic inspection can help you. Realtors & attorney septic tank & septic inspection issues. Find out more about our septic tank  inspections.

We perform inspections of underground septic systems using:
  • Experienced and certified Septic inspection specialists.
  • Digital TV cameras designed specifically for septic inspections.
  • Digital location equipment designed to find buried septic systems during the septic inspection.
  • Computerized septic inspection reports which are available the next day after the septic inspection.
Find out more about our unique Septic Inspection.

We specialize in septic inspections for the real estate industry.


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Proud members of the following organizations:

Certified septic inspections Offering NJ certified Septic tank inspections.
Pennsylvania Septic Management Association New Jersey Septage Management Association for septic inspections

Warning: Be wary of septic inspection companies that perform septic tank inspections & provide repairs to septic systems.

A major concern for many home buyers and sellers comes from septic inspection companies that repair the septic systems that they test.  This presents a conflict of interest.  ASI does not repair or install septic systems and has no financial interest in the septic inspection results. What this means is that you are assured accurate and impartial septic inspection results! Follow this septic link for more Q & A  about septic inspections & septic tank testing.

Make sure your septic inspection company has insurance!

Many septic inspectors do not carry valid insurance because they can't get it!  Liability policies and errors and omissions insurance are very expensive and unavailable to septic inspection companies especially if clients have filed claims against the company for issuing faulty reports.   How can you protect yourself?  Ask for a copy of the septic inspection company's errors and omissions policy.  You can be assured that Advanced Septic Inspections holds valid liability and errors & omissions policies.  Copies are always available upon request.   

Septic Tank Inspection Facts

Septic systems are an important part of any home or building and should be tested by a septic inspector trained under association septic inspection standards. A common misconception by homebuyers ordering septic inspections is that septic tanks treat sewage; they do not.  Septic tanks merely remove some solids and condition the sanitary flow so that it can be safely disposed of to a subsurface facility such as a tile field, leaching pools, or buried sand filter. ASI's septic inspection will test the working components of the septic system. Additionally, the organic solids retained in the tank undergo a process of liquefaction and anaerobic decomposition by bacterial organisms. The clarified septic tank effluent is highly odorous, contains finely divided solids, and may contain enteric pathogenic organisms. The small amounts of gases produced by the anaerobic bacterial action are usually vented and dispersed to the atmosphere without noticeable odor or ill effects. 

Are you buying or selling a home with a private well in New Jersey (NJ) or Rockland County, New York (NY)?

Visit Advanced Water Technology for Private Well Testing (PWTA) services and FAQs about the New Jersey and Rockland County private well testing law.

Are you buying or selling a home with an underground oil tank?

Visit ATS Environmental Services for underground oil tank testing, soil testing services and FAQs about underground tanks.

Need more septic system information?  See our web page detailing the process of ASI's Septic  Inspection.
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Hot Topic

Is a dye test sufficient as a standalone septic inspection?
Using dye septic testing as a standalone septic system inspection may overlook significant problems with the septic tank.  We use dye testing as part of our septic tank inspection not as a standalone septic tank test.  See our FAQs to learn more about dye tests & septic inspections.

What is a hydraulic load test? In addition to septic tank inspections, our company performs hydraulic load tests. The hydraulic load test determines the volume of clean water an absorption area can absorb in a twenty-four hour period. This test along with our septic inspection should be performed when certain conditions exists.  See our septic inspection questions & answers for more details.

  Septic inspections & Septic tank testing in New Jersey (NJ), Pennsylvania (PA) & New York (NY).